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Michael Capiraso joins JoggingBuddy as board member and shareholder

Michael Capiraso knows a thing or two about running

As someone who has participated in 28 consecutive New York City marathons, Michael Capiraso knows running. That is why he knew he needed to support the JoggingBuddy platform the moment he saw it.

Capiraso was impressed by how the team maintains a singular focus on promoting the numerous health benefits of running, jogging, walking. Introducing the buddy system to movitave new runners to get started, has had a significant impact on individual health around the world.

Michael Capiraso is the former President and CEO of New York Road Runners, an organization that produces the New York City Marathon. So he is as passionate about running as the rest of the team at JoggingBuddy.

Tony Piedade, the CEO of JoggingBuddy, expressed his enthusiasm for having Michael Capiraso join the team when the company made the announcement on June 1, 2021. Piedade stated that Capiraso brings a wealth of experience in running to his new position that will help the organization maintain its dedication to encouraging millions of people around the world to become more fit.

Features Offered by the JoggingBuddy Platform

JoggingBuddy is a free service that allows users to sign up to find a running partner or group locally. The service started small as a way to help people become more active and is now available in 130 countries. JoggingBuddy also sprung up in response to research showing that many people give up on exercise after a short period, because retaining long-term motivation is challenging. But they found that running with a partner or partners who have similar goals helps everyone maintain accountability while making the time spent exercising more enjoyable.

When people sign up for an account at, the platform provides options for determining whom they would like to train with, fitness goals, and whether they are beginning or experienced joggers. There are two account options

  • Free account: Members can search for jogging buddies and manually log their runs.

  • Annual membership at $12 per year or lifetime membership at $40 allows website users the same benefits as the free account plus the ability to log runs from a smartphone application, send and receive buddy requests, participate in buddy email chats, receive email alerts, and receive alerts when someone has registered who lives in the same area.

Platform users also have the option to find a running buddy when they travel. Whether at home or on the road, running, jogging, or walking with a partner can help both parties achieve their fitness goals faster.

JoggingBuddy also features a blog on its website under the title of Running Advice. Here members will find everything from inspiring stories to tips on what type of running shoes to select. The website also contains recent news stories related to the company and the fitness industry in general.

As members enter the run information, the website tallies and displays a variety of statistics. For example, the Challenge page of the website displays top runners from the past 30 days. Users looking to compete against someone either virtually or in-person can search the results by age group, gender, and country to find other runners with similar backgrounds. The Challenge page also displays total user miles logged across several categories such as treadmill, training, and event among several other leaderboards.

What Will Michael Capiraso Do in His New Role?

As an advisor and shareholder, Michael Capiraso will offer his input on how to continue to evolve the JoggingBuddy platform to CEO Tony Piedade and the rest of the advisor team. JoggingBuddy currently has six other advisors who work together virtually from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. His role as a shareholder means that Capiraso has a financial stake in the company and will act in its best interests to ensure ongoing success.

Now in its 12th year of operation, JoggingBuddy seeks to expand its reach even further than it already has. Tony Piedade is excited to receive advice from someone who has run 28 marathons in the country’s largest city and oversaw a running-related company himself.


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